About Us

Company Activities

The principal activities of Cheminova (Australia) Pty Limited are:

“The mixing, blending and distribution of cleaning products and the distribution of general chemicals”.

Cheminova (Australia) Pty Ltd supplies the following products and services:
a) mixing, blending and distribution of industrial and commercial cleaning products.
b) distribution of general chemicals,
c) supply and installation of DTI window tint for flat glass; and
d) the wholesale of janitorial products and paper products

Established in 1973 as a privately owned Company we have taken pride in providing quality service and products to our clients. Our ongoing work in upgrading our products and services always takes into account our clients needs for quality and cost effectiveness.

Having gained Quality Accreditation in 1998, Cheminova has taken the “make it right the first time “approach complying with the requirements of AS/NZ ISO 9001:2000 Licence Number QEC 8011.

We are constantly reminded of our responsibility to the environment and recycling our plastic containers, reduction in wastage, biodegradability of raw materials and a general observation of local, state and federal laws helps us to keep on track.
Occupational Health and Safety also plays a big role and our MSDS’S are always readily available for clients. Our products are backed up with appropriate usage instructions, warnings and first aid advice.


Factory and Office:
8 Albert Street

Postal Address:
P.O. Box 87

Telephone: (02) 4284 4284
Fax:(02) 4285 1033
Mobile: 0408 426426
Email: manager@cheminova.com.au